Our story

From a thread of a yarn

the journey of strings and strings of thread How great is the philosophy of thread. A thread is just a thread until it is embraced by the graceful hands of the creative ones who are gifted with the affection to create and to work.

In Dowa, those are whom we called the visionaries, the designers, and craftsmen who turn one thread and another, and another into beautiful lovable handbags. DOWA is not only loved personally by those who wear and care, but also amongst the craft industry stakeholder.

"The beauty of DOWA is in the way we produce them; the combination of handcraft and world class fashion," Delia Murwihartini, proud Owner of DOWA.

The creation of DOWA from mere thread to handbags is truly inspiring. Threads are carefully selected based on quality and colors. Trends and models are derived from the world most current fashion sense. All of these in the hands of the creative team, who restlessly explores. The designs are then transformed by the hands of thousands of craftswomen weaving threads from homes, from their houses, with their families. The crafters, who are mostly women but for very few, are dispersed in the villages of Kulonprogo, Bantul and Sleman, Central Java. Women are recruited so as to provide them with an opportunity to stand on their own two feet, economically.

"Mothers in the village can weave after they are done with the daily houseworks." Weaving can also be performed while watching after their children. It is as if this work can be performed anytime and anywhere. This serves as a great working opportunity for women in the villages; one that would provide them the opportunity to derive income and contribute in the family livelihood. From their hands, and their passion and patience, comes unfinished products that is then sorted and refined using advanced machinery.

In a spacious and comfortable workshop, the finishing processes are performed systematically by experts, to ensure the highest quality of DOWA handbags. These include leather cutting, sewing and assembling to the end product, the DOWA handbags. This is indeed the key to DOWA success, the combination of patience and skillful hands with the passion to always move forward, and achieve better today than yesterday. Thanks to this unique combination, DOWA is recognized by the fashion world not only locally but also nationally and even internationally.

From those creative hands, DOWA presents to you both fashion and function. DOWA handbags will surely complete your activity; fulfill your fashion cravings; and at the same time take you into a class of its own. Remember this story, the story behind the creation of DOWA. Remember it when you carry it in your hands, or on your shoulder. Remember the philosophy, passion and inspiration behind it. Remember the compassion. Remember it and wear it proudly


A strong fashion and lifestyle brand that gives a sense of proudness and confidence to the user.

  • To empower community to become qualified and productive craftsmen
  • To create the latest fashion and lifestyle designs that are timeless
  • To ensure and guarantee to give the best product quality
  • To create a strong sense of ownership amongst employees enabling passionate workers to continuously produce the best work quality.